Guidelines Contracts are to be made to Corp "Hell Rider'z"
The m3 restriction is 340.000 Nullsec & Highsec 1.000.000 per contract.
The completion in time should be set to 7 days or more.
The expiration date should be set to 7 days or more.
Always set a fair collateral. This is your insurance against loss. Do not leave this field blank!
max collateral per contract 10b. If you need collateral higher then 10b contact Geuthur.
Contracts should never be made to systems with Cynosural System Jammers.
Rush Contracts will be made in 4 Hours after Accepted.
Contracts CANNOT feature assembled containers (double wrapped contracts are the same thing).
Jita cargo should be contracted from "Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant"
Saranen cargo should be contracted from "Saranen V - Moon 12 - Quafe Company Warenlager"

Hell Rider'z is a corporation in Eve Online.
Content here is strictly for the purposes of serious entertainment in the game universe.
Contact us in-game at HRZ.Shipping channel or evemail Geuthur.